THE MILLINER / Drill Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress


The Milliner shift dress is a timeless dress that features ruffles at the sleeves and a reversible neckline.

This dress is part of our organic cotton drill collection and is designed to be artfully rumpled with a soft hand feel and vintage workwear aesthetic. 

Each garment is individually hand dyed with low impact dyes, manufactured in the UK and hand finished in Margate.  Due to the nature of the hand dyed process colours may vary or appear uneven which we feel is part of the unique appearance.

Sizing info
Our collection is designed for comfort and versatility with a relaxed fit so if you select your regular size you can expect it to be loosely fitting. We offer sizes from XS to L across the Womens and Menswear styles although not all sizes are offered in all styles. 

Chest Inches

Waist  Inches

Hip  Inches

Chest cm

 Waist     cm

   Hips    cm

XS 30-34 23-26 33-38 76-86 58-66 84-97
S 32-36 25-29 34-40 81-89 64-73 86-102
M 34-38 28-34 36-46 86-97 71-86 91-117
L 36-40 36-46 42-50 91-102 91-117 107-127


Every year the clothing industry destroys tons of new and unsold clothing, which is having a disastrous impact on the environment. In order to reduce opportunity for wastage and increase sustainability we hand dye each of our organic drill garments in house. This means we limit our stock, wastage and impact on the environment and gives us the unique opportunity to offer an extensive range of colour options. It may take a little longer to receive your garment but you will know it has been produced with kindness. In the rare situation we get returns of dyed to order garments we add them to our stock ready for the next customer who selects that colour.  You can view our full drill colour palette by clicking on the below link. If you have any queries relating to our dye to order collection please contact us via our contact pages. Colour swatches are available upon request.  Please note that due to the nature of the hand dyed process colours may vary or appear uneven, which we feel is part of the unique appeal.

Click here to see our drill colour palette