THE EXPLORER / Tropical Desert Combat Jacket

Size Guide

The Explorer jacket is part of our Re-Imagined Collection. This vintage MOD Desert Storm jacket has been repaired and any insignia removed. 

Each jacket has been individually hand dyed with low impact dyes in our Margate studio.  Due to the nature of the hand dyed process colours may vary or appear uneven which we feel is part of the unique appeal.

Due to this jacket being a vintage item we can't give exact measurements for each size but we will pick the appropriate size jacket from our stock that relates to our standard sizing. Please get in touch if you have any queries about sizing. 

Sizing info
Our collection is designed for comfort and versatility with a relaxed fit so if you select your regular size you can expect it to be loosely fitting. We offer sizes from XS to L across the Womens and Menswear styles although not all sizes are offered in all styles. 

Chest Inches

Waist  Inches

Hip  Inches

Chest cm

 Waist     cm

   Hips    cm

XS 30-34 23-26 33-38 76-86 58-66 84-97
S 32-36 25-29 34-40 81-89 64-73 86-102
M 34-38 28-34 36-46 86-97 71-86 91-117
L 36-40 36-46 42-50 91-102 91-117 107-127